About Us

Welcome to TACC! TACC stands for Teens Acting For Carbon Capture. My name is Sylvie and I am 15. I constantly felt like I wasn’t making an impact on reversing the climate crisis, so I created TACC. Currently I am working on a toolkit to instruct teens to create Food Forests in their own backyards and communities to sequester carbon. Food Forests mimic the way a natural forest works to sequester carbon, while creating food. Most Food Forests take 4-8 years to grow but depending on the varieties that are chosen they can produce much faster. For more info on Food Forests, check out our blog.

TACC’s main goals are: educate teens about carbon sequestration, engage teens in working to reverse climate change, and inspire teens to speak out about the climate crisis. Although I created TACC to focus on teens, adults are more than welcome to join in! Understanding how we scientifically reverse the climate crisis is crucial. In my blog, I will help you learn about how we decrease carbon in our atmosphere with perennial plants and healthy soil. This means your commitment to plant a Food Forest helps reverse climate change! I will release videos creating a step by step process, on how to grow a Food Forest of your own. From picking varieties to preparing a backyard for planting, I will show and instruct you on how to do everything correctly.

You may be wondering how I have been able to learn how to create something like this, and that is a good question. I have grown up on an organic regenerative vegetable farm my entire life. I have had the chance to see how climate change is impacting our lives, how to scientifically change that, and how to create my own Food Forest. All of this inspired me to share what I am learning with the people around me. I hope to teach and inspire more teens to act with the climate in mind.