How to Pick Varieties to Plant in Your Yard

Picking varieties to plant in your yard can seem like a daunting task. You need to think about many factors when selecting fruit trees or perennial plants. It can seem overwhelming with so many factors to think about. How wet is the soil? Will your plants be shaded by other trees? Will my plants die? How do I know the best varieties for where I live? These are all great questions but you do not need to feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of resources on line as well as people that can answer your questions. I will give answers to your questions or answers to where you can gather more info in this blog post.

A good place to start is making sure you know your hardiness zone. A hardiness zone is a number that will be with most varieties telling you what temperatures they can withstand. For example, I live in zone #7. For example, when I look for fruit trees, I look for a description on the plant tag showing hardiness for zones 6-8. The chances will be higher of the plant surviving the cold where I live if I choose a plant with hardiness in zones 6-8. To find your hardiness zone, use this link. Check out this link recommending varieties depending on your zone. That website doesn’t mention all possibilities, but it gives a general idea of what will grow well.

A good next step is evaluating your growing space. Here are some questions to ask yourself: Is the soil very wet, or is it in a low spot where water collects? Does it get a little or a lot of sunlight? When you have analyzed if your land is wet, shady, or sunny, look up plants that do well in your zone and the conditions of your growing space. For example, lets say I live in zone 7 and I have a super wet growing area. I will google trees that grow well in my zone and then find the ones that can grow in soggier ground. A nursery local to you that either works with native plants or has a native fruit tree section of their business can provide you with varieties. If you live in Virginia, I highly recommend visiting Edible Landscaping in Afton, Virginia. Here is the link to their website. They specialize in native edible plants that grow well and are native to Virginia and the mid atlantic. This is a more expensive option, but for your first time planting trees or perennial plants they are a great place to buy plants.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! A quick reminder: my free Field Day is in 10 days. The sign up page and more info is on my events page (here is the link). I will be talking about everything mentioned above and more. It is hands on and the perfect way to learn how to plant perennials. Come prepared to get your hands dirty!

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