What YOU can do for the Climate Crisis

One of the biggest problems I had was what could I do to help the climate. We as kids, don’t have power to do anything in politics or government. I felt dejected because I couldn’t make laws or policies. I saw politics as the only solution to the climate crisis. As I started to learn more about farming, plants, and science I realized there were so many ways I could help and make a difference. I would like to share them with you! Remember, these are only some things you can do. There are many more. Don’t limit your imagination!

#1 Plant Perennial Plants I have said it before and I will say it again! Plant trees and other perennial plants. It is a very important step in helping the climate crisis. Whether you build a food forest or plant fruit trees in your yard, you are making a difference. To elevate that, tell your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else. If you have questions about planting trees or building a Food Forest in your community, please reach out to me by email or DM me on Instagram. My email is: tacc.earth@gmail.com and my Instagram is tacc_earth. I am currently working on a step by step guide to instruct people on how to plant perennial plants.

#2 Decrease Your Trash This is not an option to all people, but if you can, decreasing your trash is a great step in cutting down your impact on the planet. You can carry this out in many different ways. Number one: compost your paper recycling. If you have a backyard and you are allowed to compost, add paper recycling to your food scraps. I compost all of my family’s paper that would be going in our recycling bins. From old mail to paper food packaging, it can all go in the pile. Remove as much plastic as possible and simply mix with your food scraps. For large cardboard boxes, I like to use them in place of landscape fabric around plants and under mulch. It serves as an amazing and free weed barrier. Check out my YouTube channel for an in-depth video explaining this. Number two is to decrease the amount of plastic you use. There are a ton of zero waste swaps you can use. I want to acknowledge that these can be expensive and are not available to everyone. If you are able, making these changes is a wonderful step to take. The main culprit that makes up a large portion of the trash in our world is single use plastics. This includes food wrappers, water bottles, etc. For example, plastic food containers are not single use because you use them repeatedly. Although it can be nice to swap plastic with glass or metal, multi use plastics are far less harmful to the environment.

#3 Pick Up Litter This may sound cheesy and cliché but, this actually is very important. Nature can naturally heal our planet if it is left undisturbed. Unfortunately, we can not do that because of the way the majority of the population lives, but we can keep man made pollutants from entering these areas. When litter enters our water systems and forests, it disrupts that natural system. So to help, the first step is to not litter. If you don’t litter, hurray! You made it to step two. Step two is to help clean up other people’s litter. This can be VERY frustrating because you didn’t cause this mess. Keep in mind that it could have been an accident or those people learned just after they littered the consequences that it has on the environment. As humans we need to work together even if it feels unfair.

Just a few reminders: sign up for my Free Food Forest Field day! Details and the sign up form are on the events page on my website. Next, look out for a new YouTube video on composting this week! If you like my work, feel free to follow my blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Sylvie! I hope you’re well. I couldn’t find your youtube page. Is it under TACC?

    Dotty Rilee ESL Teacher she/her Mrs. Rilee’s Canvas page ESL Canvas Page A.M. Davis Elem.


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