What is Permaculture?

You have probably heard me talk a lot about Permaculture in blog posts and Instagram posts, but I’ve never gone into the detail of what it really is. The word Permaculture is made of two words combined, Permanent and Agriculture. It really means just that. Permanent agriculture is using perennials to farm and cultivate land in harmony with nature. Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah I know, that’s why I like it. Anyway, Permaculture is making a appearance in many different ways nowadays. There are people taking and teaching classes, people building food forests, and adding native plants to attract beneficial insects in their backyard. When I build using the Permaculture fundamentals, I aim to grow in harmony with people and nature.

The reason I decided to use Permaculture and start building Food Forests, is because of its benefits. Its good for the environment and for humans! For humans, Permaculture, and growing food period, is shown to be good for mental health. Basically, plants make us happy. We associate flowers with happiness and fruit too. Perennials (plants that grow for more than one season) capture more carbon and hold it in the atmosphere than any other annuals. Why? Because there roots are deeper, bigger, and they are in the ground for longer. To learn more about Permaculture, check out these links below. Thanks for reading and see ya later :)!


What is Permaculture YouTube video

What is a Food Forest

Climate change and Permaculture

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