Sustainability and the climate crisis

Sustainability has a lot to do with the climate crisis. Because so much of the world is not living sustainably, the climate crisis has been created. Sustainable resources are resources that can regrow, or that are never ending. These are things like trees, plants wind, water, sun, etc. Not only will we never run out of these recourses, but they are the solutions to the climate crisis.

Non renewable resources are things such as coal and fossil fuels. These are used in the manufacturing of millions of products. The corporations and machines that use all of these fossil fuels are what greatly add to the extra carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Aside from big corporations, cars burn a lot of fossil fuels. Cars and the making of electricity are the other large contributors to the climate crisis. To combat this, I try to live a sustainable life. As a teen, that can be difficult, but I have educated and gotten my family involved in making our lives more sustainable. We use sustainable cleaners in our home as well as decreasing our waste as much as possible. Look for the next blog post to learn more about waste and the climate crisis. In the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite YouTubers and sources of learning and inspiration below. Thanks for reading and keep an eye on my Instagram for workshops and other news!

Rob Greenfield’s YouTube channel

The weedy garden YouTube Channel

Permayouth Website

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