Composting is a crucial part of reversing the climate crisis. When food scraps are put in landfills they create methane. Methane is a gas that contributes to global warming. Composting is a super easy way to decrease how much food waste you are putting into landfills. To create a clean and good smelling compost pile, you need to balance the food scraps with what are called browns. Browns can be paper, carboard, leaves, and mulch. For every bucket of food scraps you add to your compost pile, add 2 buckets of browns. If you compost all of your paper and carboard as well as leaves and other organic matter high in nitrogen, you will have a perfect pile. The biggest thing is to make sure your pile is always in balance. If you add to many food scraps, grass clippings, or other organic matter high in nitrogen, your pile will get very wet and probably smell bad. If you pile has too many browns it will probably be a bit to dry and will need moisture. If you have the right amount (1 bucket of food scraps to 2 buckets of browns) then you will be set up for success!

Composting your food scraps prevents methane from being created in landfills, and it also takes what people think of as trash and turns it into a way to get even more organic matter in your soil. Anything that comes from the earth can decompose. Keep this in mind as you add to your compost pile!

My compost pile structure before adding organic matter

2 responses to “Composting”

  1. I’m a composter of 10+ years. Your layout is so visually appealing. Thanks for what you are doing, and best wishes!


  2. Great introduction to composting. I like your use of pallets to create a structure, another way to re-use something that would in many cases get tossed in the landfill. My compost pile is a literal pile with no structure. Easy — but not as organized looking as yours.


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