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  • Plant Profile #1 Elderberry

    QUICK REMINDER: If you have worked to increase the biodiversity or have built a food forest in your yard please fill out this form to put your food forest on our map! This map is made to inspire more people to increase the biodiversity around their homes. If you have increased the biodiversity in your … Continue reading Plant Profile #1 Elderberry

  • Let’s Talk About Eco Anxiety

    First off, let me define eco anxiety. According to The American Phycology Association, eco anxiety is: “The chronic fear of environmental cataclysm that comes from observing the seemingly irrevocable impact of climate change and the associated concern for one’s future and that of next generations”. Many people (including me) feel this on a regular basis. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Eco Anxiety

  • How to Pick Varieties to Plant in Your Yard

    Picking varieties to plant in your yard can seem like a daunting task. You need to think about many factors when selecting fruit trees or perennial plants. It can seem overwhelming with so many factors to think about. How wet is the soil? Will your plants be shaded by other trees? Will my plants die? … Continue reading How to Pick Varieties to Plant in Your Yard

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